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AGBC event: Meet Helga Hengge, the first German/American woman in Munich

The The American German Business Club (AGBC) offers in september 2008 a meeting with Helga Hengge, the first woman who climb the Mount Everest from the north side.

Helga Hengge was the first German woman to successfully climb Mount Everest and the first American woman to do so from the north side (she has dual citizenship). Reaching the summit of the highest mountain in the world was the highpoint of an exciting career between the extremes of creative work and outstanding mountaineering achievement.

Helga grew up in Chicago and Munich, Germany, in 1991 she moved to New York to study marketing, philosophy and film at the New York University and graduated in 1995 with Honours.

In 1996 she discovered her passion for climbing and within a couple of years scaled many peaks on her way to the top of the world. In 1999 she took up the challenge of the treacherous north side of Mount Everest and reached the summit on May 27th 1999 via North East Ridge (Tibetan side) in the Himalayan Experience Expedition Team. October 2001 she reached the summit of Shishapangma (8021m) in Tibet.

{mosgoogle left} In her inspiring presentations and keynotes “Only the sky above” and “Mastering challenges” Helga Hengge takes her corporate audiences to the top of the highest mountain in the world. Accompanied by spectacular images of her two-month long ascent she shares her story of pushing physical and emotional boundaries in the face of overwhelming challenge, and the secrets of success.

Helga Hengge has been a professional speaker for five years, presenting her keynotes in Europe and New York. She has written a bestseller about her Mount Everest experiences, “Mount Everest: Only the sky above” and appeared on all major talk shows in Germany sharing her story of challenge and adventure on the highest mountains in the world.

Every year expeditions are leaving for the Himalayas to experience the fascination and mystic of the highest and most majestic mountain range in the world. The exhausting and life-threatening ascents often take the mountaineers to their physical and emotional boundaries. Find out how Helga Hengge was able to realise her dream of climbing to the top of the world under these extreme conditions.
Let her take you on an adventure through Tibet and up to the summit of Mount Everest with emotional and authentic insights into the dynamics of tackling the ultimate challenge, and her imperturbable belief in her inner strength. Mount Everest remains a symbol of challenge because in climbing it we conquer not the mountain, but ourselves.

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 18:30
Location: Marriott Hotel, Munich, Grill 93 Restaurant,
Transportation: U6 Nordfriedhof

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