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Oktoberfest 2007 in Munich

The Lord Mayor of Munich opens the 174. Oktoberfest at noon on Saturday, 22nd September 2007, by tapping the first barrel of beer and making the traditional announcement “O’zapft is” (“It has been tapped”).

The German-News Oktoberfest video show the grand opening ceremony in the Schottenhamel beer tent.

The festive setting for the opening of the Oktoberfest is the entry of the festival hosts and breweries. During the ceremonial opening of the fest, the families of the festival hosts in coaches adorned with flowers, the bands of the festival tents, the waitresses on decorated carriages and the magnificent horses and carts of the Munich breweries enter the festival-grounds; this procession is lead off by the “Münchner Kindl” – Munich’s symbol figure – on horseback, followed by the festival coach of the Lord Mayor. It was first held in 1887.

The procession of folklore and marksmen groups is seen on the first Sunday of the Oktoberfest. Some 9.400 persons from Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Romania, USA and other European countries participate in this festival parade which is some seven kilometres long. Highlights are historical uniforms, marksmen, folklore groups, local bands, bandsmen and thoroughbred horses. This folklore procession was held for the first time in 1835 on the occasion of the silver wedding anniversary of Ludwig I. and Therese von Bayern.

A bigband open-air concert of all Oktoberfest bands with some 300 musicians takes place on the second Sunday of the festival. For the grand finale of the Oktoberfest on the last Sunday some 60 marksmen salute their farewell accompanied by the band of the marksmen’ tent.

Oktoberfest-LOGO: A Symbol for Partnership and International Understanding

 The Munich Oktoberfest, mother of approximately 2,000 “Oktoberfests” all over the globe, was granted a trade mark in 1995. Two beer mugs which together form a smile, created by the British award-winning designer Alan Fletcher, guarantee a sign of quality and authenticity for the original Oktoberfest as it is known all over the world. Under the Oktoberfest Logo, the Munich city government is enforcing international unterstanding, partnership and consultation for existing similar events. The trade mark will be used for merchandising and franchising projects all around the world.

The Oktoberfest data 2007

A wide range of entertainment-businesses, carousels, shooting and throwing galleries, attractions for children and nostalgic merry-go-rounds can be found on the grounds. Every year altogether roughly 600 businesses will be admitted. Apart from the 14 festival halls – popularly known as “beer tents” – of the major Munich breweries and the other large catering companies, there are about 124 medium-sized and small catering firms as well as other sales kiosks for sweets, ice cream, fruit, souvenirs, espresso and a stand for milk and milkshakes.

Typical for the Oktoberfest are the popular traditional attractions which have again been admitted like the show "Off We Go At Schichtl’s”, the “Revue der Illusionen” – a show of historic fair illusions, the old-fashioned merry-go-round “Krinoline” with live music, the flea circus, an old Russian Wheel, Punch-and-Judy-Show, the “Zugspitze-Railway”, the toboggan, a devil’s wheel and the witches’ swing.

Three “Lucky Bag” stalls, run by the Bavarian Red Cross (1) and the First Society for the Promotion of Free Welfare Work in Munich (2) are again represented. The State Lottery will run two stalls for lottery tickets. The Deutsche Bank will operate a cash dispenser close to the Underground station on the Theresienwiese, as the Oktoberfest grounds are called. Here there will also be a stand offering guided tours of the Oktoberfest.
Over 100 places have been allocated to areas around the lighting masts. They are stands for ice cream, Turkish delight, roast almonds, joke articles and balloons as well as a try-your-strength-machine.

Stalls and mobile stands provided by the City will be set up outside the entrances to the festival halls, along the gardens and at the access points to the festival grounds. Here delicatessen, non-alcoholic beverages, sweets, fruit and souvenirs will be offered for sale.

At the main and side entrances to the beer tents vendors are selling giant Oktoberfest pretzels, bread rolls, salt sticks etc. In addition, there are stalls selling sweets, ice cream, fruit juice, fruit, souvenirs, espresso and a milk stand.

Here are some German News video productions from the Oktoberfest (small and reduced versions for a fast download)

Oktoberfest Opening with Lord Major 2007
Off We Go At Schichtl’s
Procession of folklore
Open-air concert

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